Monday, July 13, 2015

Once upon a time...

Well, no, not really, this is not a fairy tale... just yet.

We fell into the fashion world by default. After our dad unfortunately passed away, our mother was left alone with 3 children to take care of: our oldest sister Paula, who was 8 years-old, and we, the twins, with only 5. She didn't have a career, but luckily, she had a craft, so, what else could she do? Grab that sewing machine and make a living! 

We grew up surrounded by fabrics, threads, buttons, garments and the list goes on. We have to admit, it wasn't easy. We saw mom spending Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve sitting at the sewing machine finishing garments for last minute clients. Year after year. 

With time, we became her helpers. We did the hand sewing and little details as she taught us and eventually we were able to sit at the machine and be part of her working force. 

But she didn't want that life for us. She'd rather see us doing anything but sewing. It's understandable considering how hard it was for her. All of us went to college and took completely different paths. 

But of course, life had a different plan and after spinning around the world for a while we came back to our roots and here we are. 

So, thank you mom for giving us this gift. We love it and we cherish it.